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I got interviewed for an article in The Community Voice about my yarn bombs in and around Cotati.  Pretty nice!

In other news, Steve and I set out to (briefly) yarn bomb the Golden Gate Bridge for Regretsy’s recent CF4L contest, and won a prize for this photo:

CF4L at the Golden Gate Bridge SE viewpoint

CF4L at the Golden Gate Bridge SE viewpoint


Very grateful to April for whatever weird and wonderful thing is due to show up in my mailbox this week.  In the mean time, I took the pieces down so I wouldn’t get in trouble with park authorities, and put them back up here:

CF4L on the "Golden Gate Bridge"

CF4L on the "Golden Gate Bridge"


Yes, I do have a 6′ x 4′ replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in my dining room. Doesn’t everyone?



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    I am in love with the yarn bombing concept. I try to spread creativity wherever I go but I can’t imagine how long it takes for the installation. I do my work in secrecy and not everyone who sees it knows what they’re looking at. Sometimes it’s stacked stones, sometimes it’s leaves pinned together with pine needles, sometimes it’s an impromptu shrine made with items I’ve found on my walk.
    Carry on my dear!

    • The knitting is done off site, sometimes long before I know where I’m going to install it. The installation itself doesn’t usually take very long. I generally do it in broad daylight and rarely does anyone ever question me about it, and when they do it’s always been in a friendly way. What you do sounds cool. I’d be very pleased to find your work if I was out on a walk somewhere.

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