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Double trouble in Puerto Ayora   Leave a comment

Tuesday Mom and I went diving with Scuba Iguana, with ample time to knit while in transit to and from Gordon Rocks.  Yarn bomb #1 is a prickly pear lobe, which found a perfect home on a prickly pear near the giant iguana statue in the center of town.  One lobe had been vandalized, with a big rectangular chunk cut out of it, and it was a sad sight to see. Now it looks like this:

Next, I placed a pole cozy near the trash/recycling bins at the bus stop down the street, with help from one of my fellow travelers, who said she had a blast doing it (and earned herself a glass of champagne, too).

Later, I bumped into a naturalist friend who lives in Puerto Ayora and promises to keep me updated on the status of my tags, long may they wave!


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Post Office Bay   Leave a comment

Satellite internet connection has been very limited these past few days, not to mention we’ve been busy diving, hiking, snorkeling, etc. At any rate, here’s the tag I left at Post Office Bay:

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Bombs Away   Leave a comment

My first tag on the water taxi pier in San Cristobol

No longer a yarn bombing virgin! First tag placed on San Cristobol dock….

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En route to Galapagos   Leave a comment

Nascent yarn bomber on the loose, y’all.  Spending the night in Quito con mi madre and a bowl of crappy room service pasta carbonara, with visions of my first yarn bombs dancing in my head.

In the fullness of time I may have to make knitted nudibranchs a recurring theme in my tags, along with other marine life, but for now, whatever comes to mind will do, I suppose.  If I can leave a few tags behind on the Galapagos Islands, I will post photos of them forthwith, or thereabouts.

I’ll eventually spruce up this here blog environment, but plain vanilla will have to suffice for now, as I lack the time to fool with it at the moment.  Cheers!

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