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First of all, my heartfelt thanks to April over at Regretsy for posting about me and linking to my blog (you need to enter the password, cf4l, to see the post).  The number of subscribers has tripled overnight, so welcome, both of you.  I haven’t added much to the knitted landscape lately as I’ve been getting caught up on other projects (a pair of long-overdue slippers for one friend, a Jayne hat for another, projects for April’s Army, etc.)

Streetcolor is planning a major effort in Oakland in October that I’ve offered to help with, and there’s a breast cancer awareness thing in the works, so there’s that to look forward to.

I guess it’s a stretch to call it yarn bombing, but I was, in a sense, able to yarn bomb a Burning Man wedding this year, courtesy of friends Hugh and Anila, who asked me to knit wedding “rings” for them to put around each other’s necks for their ceremony on the Playa.  I was given very general instructions and free rein, and was told the results are exactly what they’d pictured….

Wedding "rings" for Hugh & Anila

Wedding "rings" for Hugh & Anila

A couple images from the ceremony (which I did not attend – Burning Man being a bit out of my league):


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  1. I’m visiting from cf4l & I love your work -a whimiscle fuckery hat = amazeballs! Is there anyway to order a WF hat for myself? Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Katie, Why not make one? If you don’t already know how to knit, find someone to teach you. It’s very satisfying. If you want something I’ve made, keep an eye on the April’s Army sales, as I plan to keep making things for the store, but I’m not doing custom orders just now. Thanks

  3. LOVE your work. So glad that April posted a link to your blog. Are you taking additions for Tillie’s tree sweater? I would love to send something out from NJ. It would be like coast to coast yarn bombing.

  4. what is a “jayne hat”? do you have a friend named jayne(like me?) or is it a pattern actually named ‘jayne’? I found you from cf4l, lovin’ the yarnbombs, they are such fun! Jayne aka Boot~C

    • Jayne – There’s a character named Jayne on the TV show Firefly. In one episode he receives a hand-knitted hat from his mother which he wears with pride even though it’s goofy looking. Fans of the show geek out over Jayne hats. One of these days I’ll make one for myself.

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