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Posted March 19, 2011 by knitibranch

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these terrific images – you’re so talented. I’m brand new to yarn bombing and am not a fast knitter, so my pieces tend to be rather simple, though colorful. I just installed my first piece of yarn bombing half an hour ago. Got in just under the wire to be part of Int’l Yarn Bombing Day. Will take pic 2moro when it’s light. I’m jazzed to be part of this huge public art project!
    I live in Sonoma and would love to join you if you’re going to be out and about yarn bombing around here.

    • Mikayla – Where can I find your piece? I want to see it! I’d love to team up for future installations. The only reason I’ve been working solo is that most of my knitting friends aren’t much interested in this for some reason. I’ll drop you an email when I have some more projects ready to go, but in the mean time you should connect with Tillie if you haven’t already. She’s super sweet. You can tell her I said it’s OK to give up my “secret” identity.

  2. Wow — I just had to check out your site after reading about you on Regretsy. I’ ve always wanted to learn how to knit and now I am so fucking inspired by your talent, imagination and sense of humor.
    Thank you for that! Take care and be well.
    CF4L !!!

  3. Greetings from a fellow Regretsy lover in Petaluma! I’m also a knitter, albeit not a very good one! Love the yarn bombings. A friend of mine actually posted a picture of your improved bike rack just last week. Keeping my eyes out for more of your work!

  4. Hi from a Regretsian. Glad to know you more “personally”!

  5. Hello from Santa Rosa! My name is Nick and I am working on the Sonoma County 2013 Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report and would love to use one of your yarn bombing images. It is the one of the bike rack in front of the City of Cotati sign. I can mention you as a contributor to the report if you would like, or if you need some sort of compensation please let me know.
    My email is ndanty@sctainfo.org
    Thank you for the wonderful photos!

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