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I have several projects planned for International Yarn Bombing Day.  My plans have changed several times.  Jim Boggio has been on and off, and on, and off the list. His time will come, when I can do justice to the job, but not before.

I do have a few other things ready:

California poppies on a blue background, made for the northernmost bell marking the route of El Camino Real from San Diego to Sonoma. Since it’s a historical marker I wouldn’t expect the piece to last long. Someone will take it down and throw it away. Yet I want to be proud of what I put up, so there’s a tension between how much I value what I do and how I’ll feel when it’s discarded.  At any rate, this one is made of yarn I bought last week at an estate sale, and I used techniques that would minimize the investment of time, but my heart was in the right place, and I really did try to make it look nice.

CA Poppies - 6/11/11

Tillie’s tree.  My friend Tillie has asked me to yarnbomb the tree in front of her store, but I’ve made slow progress because it’s such a large project, and I haven’t had much help, and I’ve had other things to work on at the same time.  I have a fair bit ready now, though, and I want to get it put up this morning.

I have some other stuff planned too, but I don’t have any photos to post.  What I can post is the pole cozy I put up yesterday at Arnold and Mission:

This was one of the first “yarn bombs” I started, a couple-few months ago. I set it aside in favor of other projects, and just cast off yesterday to get it off my needles and out of my life.  I chose yarns I didn’t like, hence I didn’t enjoy working on it.  I felt OK about it in the end, knowing it wasn’t one of my best efforts but glad it wasn’t entirely wasted, either.  At first I thought yarn bombing might be a way to use up yarn I should never have bought in the first place.  Not so.  From now on, if I hate a yarn, it goes into the donations pile, not onto my needles!

It’s IYBD!  What am I doing sitting in front of the computer?  More to come….


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  1. You go, girl!

  2. I just walked by your adorable bike rack cosy in cotati. Took a couple pics: http://feedergoldfish.tumblr.com/. Love it!

  3. Thanks! I’m going to add to it as soon as I have time.

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