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I decided a couple days ago to decorate the lamp posts on both sides of the Ig Vella Bridge, in honor of Sonoma native son Ig Vella, who passed away last week.  A legendary cheesemaker and cantankerous but invaluable member of the Sonoma community, his death at the the age of 83 was not a tremendous surprise, but sad nonetheless.  Here are the photos of my crocheted additions to the bridge:

Crocheted Flowers on Ig Vella Bridge

Crocheted Flowers on Ig Vella Bridge

I’ve also recently made an addition to one of Saturday’s yarn bombs:

I Heart Cotati

I Heart Cotati

I plan to finish off the last few feet of the bike rack eventually.  I’ve got about half of the remaining portion knitted and ready to go, but I haven’t had a chance to get into Cotati to put it up.  A friend has informed me she saw someone taking a photo of this  the other day, which is kinda fun, I think!

So anyway, I’m traveling with my sweetie, visiting his parents on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, and we were passing through the Detroit airport with loads of time to fill waiting for our connecting flight.  I put a little crocheted piece up on a pole, and a woman watched me while I was working. I looked over and smiled at her, and she asked me about what I was doing.  I couldn’t place her accent, but some kind of European.  Was I getting paid to do it?  No, it’s just something I like to do.  Sort of a gift to the airport, then?  Yes, I suppose, or at least I hope people see it that way!  Won’t someone steal it?  Maybe.  Sometimes my pieces stay up for a long time and sometimes they don’t.  At any rate, it will be interesting to see if it’s still there on our return.  If you happen to be passing through the C terminal, it’s near gate C18.  Let me know!

Detroit Airport, Gate C18

Detroit Airport, Gate C18

Now we’re in State College, PA, where we’re staying at the Knittany Lion Inn (OK, there’s no K in Nittany).  The Nittany Lion is the Penn State icon, and I have plans anon for the big cat.  In the mean time, a little something for Joe Paterno:




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